Impression for VCORE Tour from Thailand

Many players around the world have already tried VCORE Tour and we received their impressions for the racquet. Not only tournament players but also many fans experienced the performance of the VCORE Tour racquet, which would have benefits for hard hitting players. Because it has a larger sweet spot and greater stability. Now it's your turn to try VCORE Tour!

Name: Rungrit T.
Age: 46
Occupation: Tennis Coach
Racquet: VCORE Tour 97
String: ATG850P
String Tension: 58 lbs

Suitable for tournament players aged 15 and over who are hard-hitting players and strong since the racquet is quite heavy.
The cosmetic is attractive."

Name: Tontrakoon S.
Age: 56
Occupation: TG STAFF
Racquet: VCORE Tour 97
String: ATG850P
String Tension: 58 lbs

A tennis racquet for players aged 36 and below. If I was around 25 years old, I would really love it since it is a mid-sized racquet with heavy head.

It would perfectly fit my playing style and its heavy head would help me when playing a long distance at the end of the court. As for material, it provides soft feeling and absorbs vibration and shock very well.

To conclude, I would say that once I tried this racquet, I really wished I was younger than this or I would have to give it to my son."