Impression for VCORE Tour from USA

YONEX released new racquet, VCORE Tour to put more spin and more power on the ball. Many players have already tried the racquet and gave us positive comments.

Here is an impression from USA. Please check it out.

Name: Jacek Dabrowski
Age: 51
Tennis Bio/Position: USTA High Performance Coach
Affiliation: 5 Seasons Sports Club
Current Racquet: EZONE Xi 98
Test Racquet(String: VCORE Tour 89(Main: POLY TOUR 130/50lbs, Cross: ATG850P/53lbs)
VCORE Tour 97(Main: POLY TOUR 130/ 52lbs, Cross: ATG850P/ 54lbs

[For VCORE Tour 89]
Expectations for the racquet being tested: gThe best small head racquet since the RDX 500 90". Looking for more comfort and stability from the VCORE Tour 89."
Performance on GROUNDSTROKES: gThe VCORE Tour 89 has less vibration and feels like I could swing the racquet as I could without sacrifice to control. It was really easy to generate racquet speed on both forehands and backhands because the racquet has such a small head size and thin beam width."
Performance on VOLLEYS: gVery rewarding going after a ball with this racquet. The balance made it perfect for volleying. It has it all! Soft touch, crisp reply and power on demand shots. Everything felt pretty dialed in from my first trip to the net. There was a ton of feel from the string bed. The weight and stability made it feel like I could do a lot more with my volleys than just place the ball back in the court."
Performance on SERVES: gThere is something about the way midsize heads come through the contact that I really love. This racquet swung extremely quickly. I was getting a lot of pace and feel like I was serving a heavy ball."
Performance on SERVE RETURNS: gAn A+ on returns from me. I was driving, slicing, and top spinning backhands and I was taking a good swing and crack at forehand returns. I loved the soft feel at impact and my agility to drive the ball."
Overall Rating (10 being best): 8
SUMMARY: gThe combination of the weight, balance, beam forgiveness, string patter, and head size, is a home run for me in terms of overall performance, feel, and comfort. The racquet felt like and extension of my arm."
Differences in racquet performance vs. the play-testerfs current racquet
gI donft really have any dislikes. I thought I found my next racquet in this one, but side to side set play with the VCORE Tour 97 told the story. I like trying to generate heavy topspin but this VCORE Tour is set up to flatten out my shots."

[For VCORE Tour 97]
Expectations for the racquet being tested: gI was looking for three base characteristics from this model: control, precision, and feel. I did demo previous VCORE Tour 97 prototypes and I had much more control and feel than any YONEX frame before."
Performance on GROUNDSTROKES: gThis racquet feels great all over the court and really lets me dictate play from the baseline. I was able to stay on time with my shots. The string pattern allowed me to utilize a lot of topspin and slice."
Performance on VOLLEYS: gMy volleys were crisp and very clean. The sweet spot was extremely rewarding and when hitting off-center, was not too punishing at all. Touch was very good. I felt a sense of comfort coming up to the net partially because I was able to remain very aggressive in my mid court game. The racquet felt strong no matter how big and heavy shots came at me. Great maneuverability."
Performance on SERVES: gMy serves really moved through the box. My first serve when flattened out, had power behind it as well as accurate. I was able to create heavy spin on deep serves. Racquet balance helped me stay aggressive on every serve."
Performance on SERVE RETURNS: gService returns are the best part of this racquet. I was able to absorb lots of pace from the ball coming to me. VCORE 97 was extremely solid on a sweet spot. They weight helped me a lot to take off from the big serves."
Overall Rating (10 being best): 9
SUMMARY: gI order to reach this framefs full potential, players need to have a long, fast stroke, and ideally be a 4.5 level or higher. This is a true gplayers" frame."
Differences in racquet performance vs. the play-testerfs current racquet
gI like the balance and weight of the VCORE Tour much more."