Introducing World Record* Breaking NANORAY Z-SPEED

YONEX  introduces the powerful all-new NANORAY Z-SPEED badminton racquet, which can smash with explosive acceleration.

YONEX has been manufacturing badminton racquets for over 50 years. During this time we have continually pushed the limits of design and engineering to deliver the racquet speed required to compete in the world’s fastest racquet sport.

After setting the Smash Speed world record of 261mph in 2010, we challenged ourselves to create an even faster racquet.

This year we surpassed our goal with the NANORAY Z-SPEED. This new addition to the NANORAY family set a new Smash Speed world record of 306mph.

Will you break the speed barrier?

Check out the NANORAY Z-SPEED for yourself here.



Fastest badminton hit (male): Recorded and certified at 493km/h by Tan Boon Heong (Malaysia) using the YONEX NANORAY Z-SPEED. Certified July 28th, 2013.