Lee, Ahsan/Setiawan & Juhl/Pedersen Qualify for the Semifinals

It was the second day of the BWF World Superseries Finals on December 12. Stadium Badminton in Kuala Lumpur has been filled with the courtside excitement of Malaysian fans from day one of the tournament.

In the men’s singles, Lee Chong Wei (VTZF, SHB01LTD) won 2 matches in each group. Chong Wei defeated Wang Zhengming 21-10 21-18 at the first match to extend their head-to-head record, 10-0. The next match was against Boonsak Ponsana, who dominated with his speed to win 21-6 21-8.

The world No. 1 duo Mohammad Ahsan (ARC-FB, SHBF1NLTD)/Hendra Setiawan (NR800, SHBF1NLTD) and Hiroyuki Endo (VTZF)/Kenichi Hayakawa are expected to get into the semifinals with 2 winnings each. Hiroyuki/Kenichi defeated defending champion Mathias Boe (VT80)/Carsten Mogensen (ARC-FB, SHBF1NLTD) 21-18 21-15.

Kamilla Rytter Juhl (NR-ZSP)/Christinna Pedersen(NR800, SHB-01LX) took 2 wins in the Group B of women’s doubles. The duo played a long and tough match against Reika Kakiiwa (AT900T)/Miyuki Maeda (VT70) with a final score of 19-21 21-16 21-16. Christinna also won 2 matches in the mixed doubles with Joachim Fischer Nielsen.

With these wins, Chong Wei, Mohammad/Hendra and Kamilla/Christinna have now secured spots in the semifinals. Christinna advanced to the mixed doubles semifinals with Fischer.

Tournament Results: Day 2

Men’s singles

Lee Chong Wei (VTZF, SHB01LTD)(MAS) def. Boonsak Ponsana (THA) 21-6 21-8

Tommy Sugiarto (ARC11, SHB01LTD)(INA) def. Hu Yun (NR-ZSP)(HKG) 21-9 21-16

Men’s Doubles

Mohammad Ahsan (ARC-FB, SHBF1NLTD)/Hendra Setiawan (NR800, SHBF1NLTD)(INA) def. Kim Ki Jung/Kim Sa Rang (KOR) 21-17 22-20

Hiroyuki Endo (VTZF)/Kenichi Hayakawa (JPN) def. Mathias Boe (VT80)/Carsten Mogensen (ARC-FB)(DEN) 21-18 21-15

Hoon Thien How (VTZF)/Tan Wee Kiong (VTZF)(MAS) def. Liu Xiaolong/Qiu Zihan (CHN) 18-21 21-15 21-13

Women’s Doubles

Ayaka Takahashi (VT80)/Misaki Matsutomo (JPN) def. Pia Zebadiah Bernadeth/Rizki Amelia Pradipta (INA) 21-11 18-21 21-15

Kamilla Rytter Juhl (NR-ZSP)/Christinna Pedersen (NR800, SHB-01LX)(DEN) def. Reika Kakiiwa (AT900T)/Miyuki Maeda (VT70)(JPN) 19-21 21-16 21-16

Mixed Doubles

Chris Adcock (VTZF, SHB01LTD)/Gabrielle White (VT80, SHB-01LX)(ENG) def. Markis Kido/Pia Zebadiah Bernandeth (INA) 21-10 21-18

Joachim Fischer Nielsen/Christinna Pedersen (NR800, SHB-01LX)(DEN) def. Sudket Prapakamol/Saralee Thoungthongkam (THA) 21-9 21-14