Lee & Next Generation Players Capture the Crowns

It’s the final day of YONEX OPEN JAPAN 2012 on rainy Sun­day, September 23rd.

The opening match was the mixed doubles between No. 1 seed Chan Peng Soon (ARC10)/Goh Liu Ying (ARC7) and No. 5 seed Muhammad Rijal (ARC10)/Liliyana Natsir (NR700RP). It was the first time for a 24-year-old Peng Soon and a 23-year-old Liu Ying to advance to the final of Superseries, however, they showed very aggressive and composed performance. Playing against experienced Mu­hammad and Liliyana, their attacking was so effective to confuse the opponents. Under such a pressure, Muham­mad and Liliyana made more errors to give the Malaysian pair the initiative.

After winning their first Superseries title, Chan and Goh was so happy that they couldn’t believe such a great achievement. They controlled their emotion to win the title and concentrated on each point throughout the match.

Men’s singles final between Lee Chong Wei (VTZFLTD) and Boonsak Ponsana was scheduled on the second match. To win the title of YONEX OPEN JAPAN is one of Chong Wei’s dreams since his younger age.

Many players struggled to adjust the wind inside of the gym­nasium, however, Chong Wei kept his concentration until the end of the match. He has been improving his technical skill than ever. Of course, Boonsak, who is 30 years old, also has a great skill, however, Chong Wei was very accurate and faster so that the opponent had to move hardly around the court. At the end of the match, Chong Wei increased his speed furthermore to finish the match, 21-18 21-18.

“I’m very happy to win in Japan, especially because it’s the hometown of YONEX. Japanese fans are always very kind and I’ll be back this tournament next year.” Champion com­mented.

In the women’s doubles, Poon Lok Yan (VT80) and Tse Ying Suet (ARC10) of Hong Kong advanced to the final of Superseries tournament for the first time to meet Japan’sShizuka Matsuo (AT900T) and Mami Naito (NS9900). A 21-year-old Lok Yan and a 20-year-old Ying Suet were nervous at the first, however, they found how to concen­trate on this big match. Shizuka and Mami played very te­naciously, however, the Hong Kong pair continued to attack aggressively to take the crown with a score of 21-17 22-20. “It’s unbelievable and like a dream!” The young pair from Hong Kong was very excited.

Koo Kien Keat (VTZFLTD) and Tan Boon Heong(VTZFLTD) in the men’s doubles, Eriko Hirose (ARC9FL) in the women’s singles won the silver medals.

Tournament Results [Day 5]

Men’s Singles

[1]Lee Chong Wei (VTZFLTD)(MAS) def. Boonsak Ponsana (THA) 21-18 21-18

Women’s Singles

[5]Tai Tzu Ying (TPE) def. Eriko Hirose (ARC9FL)(JPN) 9-21 21-9 21-14

Men’s Doubles

[7]Kim Ki Jung (KOR)/Kim Sa Rang (KOR) def. [2]Koo Kien Keat (VTZFLTD)(MAS)/Tan Boon Heong (VTZFLTD)­(MAS) 21-16 21-19

Women’s Doubles

[7]Poon Lok Yan (VT80)(HKG)/Tse Ying Suet (ARC10)(HKG) def. [4]Shizuka Matsuo (AT900T)(JPN)/Mami Naito(NS9900)(JPN) 21-17 22-20

Mixed Doubles

[1]Chan Peng Soon (ARC10)(MAS)/Goh Liu Ying (ARC7)(MAS) def. [5]Muhammad Rijal (ARC10)(INA)/Liliyana Natsir (NR700RP)(INA) 21-12 21-19