Mardan Mamat Becomes Champion at Home

YONEX Tour player, Mardan Mamat, competed in the 2013 Goodpack SPGA President Cup held at the Warren Golf and Country Club last week in Singapore. The 46-year-old veteran golfer played consistently through the three days to win the cup in his home country.

Mardan started the third round in fifth place, four shots behind Quincy Quek. However, the 2006 Singapore Masters winner showed solid form in the final round, posting a two-under 69 on his way victory.

The local newspaper, The New Paper Singapore, reported Mardan’s win. He was pleased with the YONEX driver’s performance at the event, “I was driving well, thanks to my new YONEX driver which I have been using for the last four weeks. It is also giving me an extra 15 yards in distance,” according to the article.

 Mardan Mamat’s gear

Driver: i-EZONE TX Driver with YONEX shaft

Irons: EZONE Forged MB Irons

Caddie Bag: CB-3901

Shoes: SHG-001

Clothing and Visor: YONEX

 *Mardan’s image on the article is courtesy of SPGA.