New Badminton Racquets ARCSABER 11 and ARCSABER FB Debut

YONEX releases two new badminton racquets, ARCSABER 11 and ARCSABER FB in the middle of February, 2013. With the cutting-edge technologies, these racquets will take your game to the next level.

Smash Back: the return shot revolution

In today’s high voltage game those players who can smash with speed and accuracy have a huge advantage. The ideal way to fight back against these hard-hitters is to turn your defence into an attack; to have the receiving ability to take the initiative. The ARCSABER 11 and ARCSABER FB have been designed to create a new playing style, one where you can turn defence into attack.


Smash Back: the return shot revolution

The ARCSABER 11 allows you to take control like never before. It enables you to increase the shuttle speed when you return a smash shot with an unprecedented level of accuracy. With the ARCSABER 11 you have the ability to seize the initiative in an instant.

Turn the opponent’s smash into your attack - with accuracy and speed.


Return like lightning

The new ultra-light weight standard ‘F’, created by YONEX cutting edge technologies, enables you to swing faster and respond to every shot in an instant. Use the ARC-FB’s quick handling to step in towards the net and be more attacking in your style of play.

Take control of the game by turning defence into attack. Your return shot has just become faster than ever.