New NANORAY 800 Unveiled

Speed is essential in badminton. Because you require to be ready for the next shot quickly in repeated rallies. YONEX released a flagship model of NANORAY series for all the players who want more speed. The new NANORAY 800 provides you with two vital advantages: faster swing and higher repulsion. You can hit the shuttlecock earlier and closer to the net, putting your opponent under sustained pressure with no time to react.

NANORAY 800 is YONEX's most attacking model. The aero-frame head construction has our thinnest ever top part, for greater head speed, and thicker bottom part for maximum repulsion. Besides, a high strength sonic metal is compounded for a louder hitting sound and our unique ISOMETRIC head design give you greater control.

During high-speed rallies, players will use a variety of skillful tactics that often involve the drive shot, which would be essential for you to create opportunities for smashing. NANORAY 800fs greater speed helps you to hit the rapid-fire drive shot for taking the initiative. In new special website for NANORAY 800, we uploaded the world's players' comments about the drive shot. Please check them out to know why the drive shot is so important.

To drive to win with more speed, please get further information in the special website and try NANORAY 800.