Powerful and Skillful Malaysian Win for the SFs

It's Day 3 of YONEX OPEN JAPAN 2012 on Friday, Septem­ber 21st.

At the opening match, No. 8 seed Malaysian pair Hoon Thien How (VTZF) and Tan Wee Kiong (VTZF) advanced to the semifinals after defeating No. 4 seed and local Japan’s Hi­rokatsu Hashimoto (VT70) and Noriyasu Hirata(NR800), 21-19 21-11.

In the semifinals, Thien How and Wee Kiong will challenge fellow Malaysian stars, Koo Kien Keat (VTZFLTD) andTan Boon Heong (VTZFLTD), who defeated Japan’sNaoki Kawamae (VT70) and Shoji Sato (VT80), 21-10 17-21 21-10.

Powerful and speedy performance from Boon Heong and Kien Keat will attract the spectators at Yoyogi Gymnasium.

Lee Chong Wei (VTZFLTD) looked like playing at his home Malaysia. Facing fellow Malaysian Chong Wei Feng(VTZF), Chong Wei was testing various of his skills for the semifinals tomorrow because they know each other well. Regarding his tactics, “It depends on the opponent and situation on the court.” Please don’t miss his another per­formance tomorrow.

Chong Wei’s opponent in the semifinals is Indonesia’s Simon Santoso (AT900P), who defeated Taufik Hidayat(ARC10) by 21-9 21-14 today. It would be Taufik’s last match at YONEX OPEN JAPAN because he announced that he would retire at the Indonesia Open next year. Taufik gave us his impression for Japan. “I can always feel warm atmosphere out there because Japanese people give me a big hand whether I win or not.”

In the women’s doubles, two Japanese pair advanced to the semifinals. For Miyuki Maeda (VT70) and Satoko Suetsuna (CAB35), it was easier match against Thailand pair, however, Shizuka Matsuo (AT900T) and Mami Naito (NS9900) played a tough match against Korea’s Eom Hye Won and Jang Ye Na. They were very patient to win each long and tough rally to win in the end.

Tournament Results [Day 3]

Men’s Singles

[1]Lee Chong Wei (VTZFLTD)(MAS) def. Chong Wei Feng (VTZF)(MAS) 21-15 21-15

[3]Simon Santoso (AT900P)(INA) def. [7]Taufik Hidayat (ARC10)(INA) 21-9 21-14

Women’s Singles

Eriko Hirose (ARC9FL)(JPN) def. Yeon Ju Bae (KOR) 21-7 21-15

Men’s Doubles

[2]Koo Kien Keat (VTZFLTD)(MAS)/Tan Boon Heong (VTZFLTD)(MAS) def. [5]Naoki Kawamae (VT70)(JPN)/Shoji Sato (VT80)(JPN) 21-10 17-21 21-10

[8]Hoon Thien How (VTZF)(MAS)/Tan Wee Kiong (VTZF)(MAS) def. [4]Hirokatsu Hashimoto (VT70)(JPN)/Noriyasu Hirata (NR800)(JPN) 21-19 21-11

Hiroyuki Saeki (VT80)(JPN)/Ryota Taohata (VT80)(JPN) def. Yonathan Suryatama Dasuki (AT900P)(INA)/Hendra Aprida Gunawan (VT70)(INA) 21-18 24-22

Women’s Doubles

[3]Miyuki Maeda (VT70)(JPN)/Satoko Suetsuna (CAB35)(JPN) def. [8]Duanganong Aroonkesorn (THA)/Kunchala Vorabichitchaikul (THA) 21-9 21-9

[4]Shizuka Matsuo (AT900T)(JPN)/Mami Naito (NS9900)(JPN) def. Eom Hye Won (KOR)/Jang Ye Na (KOR) 24-22 19-21 21-15

Mixed Doubles

[2]Shintaro Ikeda (JPN)/Reiko Shiota (VT80)(JPN) def. Kang Ji Wook (KOR)/Jang Ye Na (KOR) 21-16 21-15

[5]Muhammad Rijal (ARC10)(INA)/Liliyana Natsir (NR700RP)(INA) def. Tan Wee Kiong (VTZF)(MAS)/Ng Hui Lin (TI10)(MAS) 21-16 21-18

Takeshi Kamura (VTZF)(JPN)/Koharu Yonemoto (NS8000)(JPN) def. Anders Kristiansen (DEN)/Julie Houmann (DEN) 22-20 18-21 21-15