PRECISION 9.0 Stringing Machine: Precise, user-friendly, and efficient

TOKYO, Japan — Yonex Co., Ltd is proud to announce the PRECISION 9.0 electronic stringing machine, launching in May 2020.

Developed, designed, and manufactured in Japan, the PRECISION 9.0 is Yonex’s most precise stringing machine to date. The stringing machine combines user-friendly and efficient features to reduce the burden on stringers by adopting new functions and designs that enable more accurate stringing.

Customizable to string badminton, tennis, and soft tennis racquets, this machine was created with stringers in mind. A control panel with angle, brightness, and sound adjustments, along with larger buttons and a USB charging port, combine to create a comfortable stringing environment.

The mounting system has been updated to create a stress-free environment with accelerated stringing speed. The turntable is more compact with an automatic lock and the main posts’ height can be electronically adjusted to improve efficiency. Additionally, the clamps have an improved grip and dial to precisely adapt to various types of string.

The Yonex Stringing Team will debut the PRECISION 9.0 at the Australian Open from January 20th.


1. Efficient Mounting System

Turntable Auto-lock

An accurate and quick lock function improves stringing efficiency and speed. The turntable can be locked quickly and precisely at any position.  

Customizable Main Post

Easily adjust the height on the main post with one click through the electric elevation system. The height is adjustable up to 30cm.

2. Supports more precise stringing

Clamps that securely hold the string

Lower racquet posts and a compact turntable combine to allow for smoother stringing, while improved gripping on the clamps results in less damage on the strings.

PRECISION 9.0 Scheduled Competitions


BWF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, 2020 Thomas & Uber Cup, Total BWF Sudirman Cup 2020, Daihatsu Yonex Japan Open 2020


Australian Open, Shanghai Masters, Toray PPO, Rakuten Japan Open