Featuring cutting-edge YONEX graphite technologies, the i-EZONE series drivers deliver unmatched performance, playability, and power to players of every skill level!

The i-EZONE series drivers includes two models that come equipped with all-new NANOMETRIC shaft for unmatched energy transfer and stability. 

  • 460cc model for effortless power and forgiveness

  • 445cc TX model for a classic look & tour level performance

The i-EZONE drivers feature Power Assist Design to maximize swing efficiency, producing explosive power and ball speeds for greater distance. The Quick Adjust System provides the player with eight different face-angle and lie-angle settings to fine tune launch and trajectory.

The all-new NANOMETRIC shaft is manufactured exclusively by YONEX in our Niigata Japan factory using Nanoalloy technology developed by Toray Industries Inc. The innovative NANOMETRIC material increases bonding strength and composition of each carbon fiber creating a stronger, ultra-light shaft. Compared to conventional graphite shafts, the NANOMETRIC shaft provides 8% more bending strength, 40% more impact strength and is 17% lighter, resulting in a shaft that is STRONGER, LIGHTER and MORE CONSISTENT.


  • 460cc clubhead

  • High launch & moderate spin

  • Ultimate forgiveness

  • Draw biased club head

The i-EZONE driver is geared for players looking for higher launch and increased distance. The graphite "skirt" around the back portion of the club head created by the Cup Type graphite head creates 3g additional weight that is distributed lower and deeper within the club head generating quicker swing speeds and longer, more powerful drives.

The confidence boosting Two-Tone Contrast crown improves alignment, allowing the player to square the club face to the ball at address leading to more drives starting on-line towards the intended target.

The Quick Adjust System provides the player with eight face-angle and lie-angle settings, optimizing launch conditions and trajectory .

The i-EZONE driver incorporates a 6-4 titanium body and a SP700 titanium face fused to a high-intensity Cup Type graphite crown. YONEX's Power Assist Design creates an ultra-light club head of just 197g (compared to 199g on the TX 445cc model) allowing for explosive ball speeds and maximum distance. 


  • 445cc clubhead

  • Low launch & mid to low spin

  • Enhanced feel

  • Increased workability

The lower spinning 445cc i-EZONE TX driver is designed for players that prefer a smaller, more compact club head. The traditional shaped, deep-faced i-EZONE TX driver allows for increased shot-shaping, enhanced feel and unmatched distance.

With the Quick Adjust System, players are equipped with eight face-angle/lie-angle settings to optimize launch and trajectory. With five different face angle options (square, .5º open, 1º open, .5º closed, 1º closed), the Quick Adjust System also allows the player to achieve their preferred look at address.

The 3-piece i-EZONE TX driver head features a 6-4 titanium body and SP700 titanium face attached to a high-strength graphite crown. YONEX's Power Assist Design creates an ultra-light club head of just 199g (versus 197g on the 460cc model) for Tour-level feel, performance and playability.

i-EZONE Driver

i-EZONE Driver

i-EZONE Driver TX

i-EZONE Driver - 460cc