Sun-Ju Ahn Achieves First Win for the Season at Century21 Ladies Golf Tournament

Sun-Ju Ahn is back with another title and her first for the season. The Korean golfer recorded a 15-under 201 victory at the Century21 Ladies Golf Tournament held between July 24th and 26th on the Japanese LPGA tour.

She had competed with an injury earlier on the in the season, but came back strong for this tournament, exhibiting remarkable composure and resolve throughout. On the first day Sun-Ju hit a 64-stroke round, breaking the course record, and maintained the No. 1 spot for the entirety of the tournament.

Sun-Ju pulled off this victory with YONEX’s REXIS KAIZA shaft, which offers a high degree of accuracy and excellent trajectory. “My GIR percentage has improved, and my distance has increased,” Sun-Ju commented, praising her shaft.

YONEX golfer Maiko Wakabayashi also competed with the REXIS KAIZA, tying for fourth place at the tournament. “The shaft gives me great distance,” commented the Japanese golfer. Maiko has displayed fine performance this season, with four Top 10 wins so far.

Century21 Ladies Golf Tournament Results

Total R1 R2 R3 Strokes
1 Sun-Ju Ahn -15 64 67 70 201