Limited Edition EZONE: Naomi is Back, Tennis Returns

TOKYO — Yonex Co., Ltd. is thrilled to announce the launch of the Limited Edition EZONE racquet, available in select markets beginning Sept. 17, 2020.

The Limited Edition EZONE was designed in collaboration with two-time Grand Slam Champion Naomi Osaka (JPN) to celebrate the return to tennis after a five-month suspension.

Going for a sleek, new design, Yonex and Naomi created a white-based racquet with gold and silver accents and included the same technology the award-winning, 6th-generation EZONE series features. 

“I am super excited to celebrate the return of the Tour with this brand-new racquet,” said Naomi, who will resume her 2020 season at the US Open where she lifted her first Major trophy in 2018.

Three models – 98, 100, 100L – are available in the limited-edition colorway. For more information, please contact your local Yonex representative or authorized retailer.




Enhanced Sweet Spot

A new frame shape that is wider at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions creates the largest sweet spot in EZONE history.


New Aero-Shaped Frame

For a plush, comfortable feel

By varying the outer angle of the aero-shaped frame, the middle and upper hoop are plush, while the lower hoop is stable.



Power with a more flexible frame

A strong, elastic graphite is added in the throat to improve frame stability and flex.


Liner Tech

For improved power and comfort

Straight hole grommets elongate the strings to optimize power and comfort on off-center shots.


Vibration Dampening Mesh (VDM)

For added touch and precision

A stretchy mesh material is wrapped around the graphite within the grip to filter unwanted vibrations.