The court is your canvas - Yonex launches the 07 VCORE with the art of spin

MELBOURNE, Australia - On January 14, just two days before the start of the Australian Open, the Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club hosted a launch event for the 07 VCORE, the latest addition to the Yonex VCORE series.

The 07 VCORE, Yonex's No. 1 spin racquet, features a high trajectory spin ball that drops and bounces in greater scale, allowing players to execute a wider range of strategies on the court.

Paintings reminiscent of Melbourne street art were displayed throughout the event venue. The art depicted "spin," inspired by the VCORE's spin performance and painted by local artists.

The event was attended by Denis Shapovalov (CAN), Yoshihito Nishioka (JPN), Frances Tiafoe (USA), and Hubert Hurkacz (POL). Special guests included Darren Cahill, the prominent Australian coach. In front of approximately 180 guests, including journalists and other tennis industry insiders, they offered in-depth insight into their racquets and game styles.

Louise Pleming, a former player, stood as the event’s host. In her conversation with Cahill, the pair explored how game styles have evolved in recent years. "Everyone is an all-round player,” said Cahill. "Tennis has become a 360-degree dimension. It is impossible to win on the baseline alone, as it used to be. Everyone is going to the net and becoming more aggressive.”

Cahill added: “Yonex racquets are great, with spin and control.”

The discussion was at it`s most fascinating when Nishioka and Shapovalov took to the stage. The pair had played in the final of the Korean Open last October, which Nishioka won. "As Shapo knows, I can make my opponent annoyed with this racquet," Nishioka said, laughing.

Shapovalov explained that he switched back to the VCORE from the EZONE because "I couldn't forget the spin performance with this racquet.”

”I had been using the VCORE for a long time. I loved the feeling of the racquet grabbing the ball. When I put it back, I got the feeling right away”, he said.

Nishioka said: "The VCORE has a higher trajectory, so I can play very tactical tennis. Thanks to VCORE's spin, I can use high trajectory balls and slices at will." When Nishioka said "It suits my style of play," Shapovalov expressed his agreement, responding with an awkward laugh: "I played him at the Korean Open, so I know it.”

In the end, Nishioka and Shapovalov added their "final touches" to a drawing of a racquet that had been crafted by an impromptu artist during the event. Both players are left-handed on the court but while Shapovalov picked up the brush with his left hand, Nishioka used his right hand. Both players showed off their brilliant brush strokes.

Garcia appeared at the 07 VCORE Demo Event

At the demo event held at Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club prior to the event, participants were offered the chance to take to the courts and hit some balls with the 07 VCORE in order to experience its supreme performance. They also rallied with World No. 4 Caroline Garcia (FRA), who signed autographs for all participants.

Team Yonex, supplied with new equipment, will be creating a spin of excitement at the Australian Open, which begins on January 16.