The New Shape of Spin Goes Galaxy Black

TOKYO, Japan — Yonex is proud to introduce a new color design for the highest-spin tennis racquet in company history – the new VCORE — available in Galaxy Black, late February 2019. 

Research of top athletes’ play leading up to the launch of the Flame Red VCORE racquet last August contributed to a Yonex developed unique swing analysis system to identify ways in which to maximize spin potential. The unique structure adopted by the new VCORE, greatly reduces air resistance, improving swing speeds. Specific placement of Namd*1 graphite into the throat of the new VCORE also improves torque and flex, allowing players to apply up to 7.3%*2 more spin to the ball. The result from these changes were tour victories from top athletes, Caroline Garcia (FRA) and Yoshihito Nishioka (JPN) during the 2018 season.

Three-time Grand Slam champion Angelique Kerber (GER) took keen interest in development of a championship caliber racquet during her ascension to world No.1 ranking – providing valuable feedback and even visiting the Japan based Yonex factory to see how each racquet is made.

Kerber, set to start using the new racquet at the beginning of the season, described her new shimmering Yonex VCORE Galaxy Black racquet. 

“It’s easy to hit penetrating, high-trajectory spin balls and has a great feel. I saw firsthand the craftmanship and latest technology behind creating my racquet. I’ll aim for the world No. 1 spot again with the new Yonex VCORE Galaxy Black.” 

*1 *Namd is a technology developed by Nitta Corporation to uniformly disperse carbon nanotubes into carbon fiber composites.

*2 Measurements made via swing machine, in comparison with the VCORE SV racquet.


Accelerating Head Speed
New Aero Trench Technology and Upgraded Aero Fins
To achieve faster head speeds for increased spin potential, the new Aero Trench reduces drag by uniquely hiding the grommets located at the top of the racquet frame.

Aerodynamic fins that were featured in the VCORE SV have also been upgraded and positioned towards the bottom of the VCORE’s frame. The new Aero Fins are strategically carved out sections that allow for improved maneuverability.


Ultimate Ball Pocketing
New Liner Tech Grommet Design
By dramatically reducing the string entry angles in select grommets, the outer main strings are elongated to produce a wider sweet spot, providing greater snapback. With added string movement, players can grab the ball to apply extra spin.


New Frame Shape and Graphite
By utilizing the next-generation Namd graphite and reducing the size of the yolk (blue area in the diagram), the new VCORE frame allows for more torque, applying more spin to the ball.


Faster racquet maneuverability

Drag reduced by an incredible 11%*

Increased spin

Ball and string contact up 6%*

Spin increased by 7.3% to allow for high-velocity spin.

*Measurements made via swing machine, in comparison to conventional racquets

 Yonex Racquet Technology

Original “ISOMETRIC” Theory
Developed over 30 years ago, the ISOMETRIC design increases the sweet spot by 7%.
 * Compared to a conventional round frame, a square-shaped ISOMETRIC racquet generates a larger sweet spot by optimizing intersecting main and cross strings.

*Tested by Yonex







Galaxy Black

Face Size

98 sq. in.

100 sq. in.

100 sq. in.




Avg. Weight

G: 305g / 10.8oz

G: 300g / 10.6oz

G: 270g / 9.5oz

LG: 285g / 10.1oz

LG: 280g / 9.9oz


27 in.


February 22nd, 2019

Major Players Using New VCORE:

Angelique Kerber (GER)

VCORE 100 / Galaxy Black 

3-time Grand Slam Champion

Denis Shapovalov (CAN) 

VCORE 95 / Flame Red

2018   Madrid Open, Semi-Finalist

2017 ATP “Star of Tomorrow”

Steve Johnson (USA) 

VCORE 98 / Flame Red

2018   US Men’s Clay Court Championship, Champion

2017   US Men’s Clay Court Championship, Champion