VOLTRIC 80 Peter Gade Unveiled

Did you see the white racquet which Peter Gade used at his last match YONEX Copenhagen Masters? YONEX finally releases the details of the racquet, VOLTRIC 80 Peter Gade Limited Edition on the Legendary Players microsite. http://www.yonex.com/legendaryplayer/

Ever since Peter Gade began using his VOLTRIC 80 he has talked about how this amazing racquet manages to combine those YONEX technologies which perfectly suite his game. This is mainly because the VOLTRIC 80 boasts the NANOSCIENCE material NANOPREME which has created the thinnest - and the most flexible - shaft in YONEX history. The result? Explosive power and great racquet handling from one of the world’s top players.

This power meant that Peter played like a lightning bolt, which fitted with his trademark all white kit. Peter lit up the court! When he took his final bow at the 2012 Copenhagen Masters, there he was, all in white, and with him was a specially created all-white VOLTRIC 80 complete with his motto: go with all your heart.

Sure enough, Peter certainly delivered on that, beating Lin Dan in his last exhibition match in front of a huge crowd. It was a great victory for a truly great player. Peter retires with all our hearts.