YONEX EZONE Drivers Make MyGolfSpy 2014 Most Wanted List

The YONEX EZONE XP made the top 10 of MyGolfSpy’s list of Most Wanted Driver in the distance category.

MyGolfSpy tested 23 different drivers and reported obtaining consistently good numbers with the EZONE XP. The test also revealed that the EZONE XP averaged 239.58 yards and “is capable of covering a lot of ground with one swing.”

YONEX was mentioned again in the Most Wanted test, but this time in the accuracy category.

The clubs in the distance category were scored without any regards to accuracy, but the scoring of the accuracy category had to include consideration of how accurately and far a driver could hit.

The YONEX i-EZONE TX Driver scored favorably in MyGolfSpy’s Most Wanted Driver accuracy test, this time placing 3rd with a 90.86% rating. The TX also took 2nd place in the most accurate over 100mph. 

MyGolfSpy reviewers said the TX helped maximize fairways, and concluded that the TX “may be worth a look for guys who love both smaller heads and playing from the short grass.”

Visit your local golf retailer to try the EZONE XP and i-EZONE drivers for yourself.

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