Yonex India Commences Manufacture of Badminton Racquets

New Yonex subsidiary Yonex India Private Limited has officially commenced the production of badminton racquets.

Local media gathered at a press conference in Delhi to announce the factory’s completion. An opening ceremony was held at the factory followed by a tour of the facilities. Indian badminton legends Prakash Padukone and U. Vimal Kumar were present at the event along with several employees from local shops.

In light of the success of Indian players at international tournaments, badminton has been experiencing a rise in popularity within the nation. As a result, a great increase in the demand for badminton equipment is expected in India, a country that boasts the second largest population in the world after China.

The decision to manufacture racquets directly in India was made to meet this demand, and to produce equipment especially tailored to the needs of the local market. By starting a subsidiary in India, Yonex is able to fully supervise quality control. Under the banner of “Made by Yonex,” the company will deliver high-quality racquets that will satisfy the needs of local users, and in turn work towards increasing the popularity of the sport in India.

The new factory is located in the city of Bangalore, a location chosen for its year-long climate of warm and gentle weather, which is perfectly suited for the manufacture of badminton racquets. Local employees are enthusiastic, and under the direction of Yonex with its years of manufacturing experience, the company wants to make a big splash in the local market and exceed customer expectations.

Yonex will kick off production with the launch of a brand new made-in-India racquet. It has been made with the signature Yonex ISOMETRIC frame shape and built to be extra durable. Going forward, the company plans to produce more high-value products for the local market.

Company Profile

1. Company Name

YONEX INDIA Private Limited

2. Location

Bangalore, Karnataka State, India.

3. Captial

110 Million Indian Rupees

4. Outline of Operations

Manufacture of badminton racquets

5. Board Members

Kazuo Kobayashi

Takao Katsuda

Hiroyuki Saito

Sivaramakrishnan Narayanan Ayakkad

6. Incorporation

May 12th, 2016