Reduced swing weight and outstanding resilience:
a brand new structure created to reach the world’s very top.

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Size 150・153・156・159
Color(s) White
Material(s) H.T. Graphite+H.M. Graphite+M40X / ISO CORE / Aramid Honeycomb
Base Material (s) ISO SPEED 7800・Structure finish
Made In Japan
Item Code RE22

Yuto Totsuka continues to challenge himself in reaching the top of the world. In order to support his performance, the REV allows endless possibilities. We upgraded the STOMP-TECH 3.0 that reduces swing weight, adopts a honeycomb structure in the tip, a built-in a ribbon of graphite and incorporated the ISO core shaped new CRIC structure that enhances the transfer of power. The graphite tubes with the new M40X material allow for high elasticity and strength in the core section. The ISOMETRIC TIP expands the effective area on the tip of the board and promotes more resilience. Combining these 3 original Yonex technologies provides for an exceptional snowboard with evolutionary swing weight, durability and ready-to-ride comfort. Faster and with the perfect touch of strength and stability, this board is bound to create a Revolution (REV) in the snowboard industry.

Size Length Effective Edge Running Length Nose Length Tail Length Nose Width Waist Width Tail Width Side Curve
150 1505 1165 1130 190 185 282 241 282 8050/7600
153 1535 1195 1160 190 185 285 244 285 8450/8000
156 1565 1225 1190 190 185 288 247 288 8900/8450
159 1595 1245 1210 195 190 292 250 292 9000/8550

Yuto Totsuka
Yuto Totsuka