An ideal all-rounded board for female riders. Built with perfect maneuverability and stability.

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Size 138・142・146
Color(s) Graige
Material(s) H.T. Graphite + NANOMETRIC XT / ISO CORE / Aramid Honeycomb
Base Material (s) ISO SPEED 7500・Structure finish
Made In Japan
Item Code SL22

Features the newest CRIC+NANOMETRIC XT structure and ISOMETRICT IP. The silhouette has changed significantly to become the next all-rounded flagship model board for women. After many years of research with talented female riders, the newest SLEEK model is completed with deliberate pursuit for maneuverability and stability for female riders. In lightening swing weight and enhancing resilience of the tip, the board remains totally controllable under the feet of our riders. Aiming to create perfect stability, the SLEEK board brings out a sense of unity between the board and rider. It allows amazing carves and high quality performance to match any terrain. This all-round board is supported by the famous halfpipe sisters, Sena and Ruki Tomita.

Size Length Effective Edge Running Length Nose Length Tail Length Nose Width Waist Width Tail Width Side Curve Stance Width Set Back FT Value
F / T
138 1385 1065 1030 180 175 270 231 270 6600/7050/6600 420~540 10BACK 72 / 70
142 1425 1085 1050 190 185 273 234 273 6900/7300/6900 440~560 10BACK 75 / 74
146 1465 1125 1090 190 185 278 238 278 7250/7650/7250 460~580 10BACK 79 / 77

Sena Tomita
Ruki Tomita
Sena Tomita
Ruki Tomita