POWTWIN: A newly developed board for morning powder runs and park sessions during the day.

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Size 155W・158W
Color(s) Water Green
Material(s) H.T. Graphite / ISO CORE
Base Material (s) ISO SPEED 7500 Graphite
Made In Japan
Item Code XP22P

Among our lineup, the 4XP is an all-time favorite freestyle twin tip model. The ISOMETRIC TIP structure is adopted on the base shape and the nose is kept long to upgrade the buoyancy. Twin tips typically lack in float power on powder and requires tough riding stances that pull the body balance backwards. However, the POWTWIN finally eliminates these worries. Maintaining the original 4XP freestyle performance quality with the EASYRIDE CAMBER adaptability, the freeriding performance has been further upgraded to the next level. From peak season with lots of powder days to spring season spent mainly in the park, this board allows you to enjoy fun rides all season long. Be sure to explore sizing up your board one size larger than usual to bring out the full freeriding board potential.

Size Length Effective Edge Running Length Nose Length Tail Length Nose Width Waist Width Tail Width Side Curve Stance Width Set Back FT Value
F / T
155W 1545 1160 (1090) (227.5) (227.5) 300 261 300 8000 500~620 CENTERED 87 / 86
158W 1575 1190 (1120) (227.5) (227.5) 303 264 303 8300 500~620 CENTERED 91 / 90