Take your pick between hard or soft flex:
The alpine board packed with top Yonex technology.

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Size 162・172・182
Color(s) (SOFT FLEX) Black / Silver
(HARD FLEX) Black / Gold
Material(s) H.T. Graphite / ISO CORE / S.A.V.E / AZ31 / Rubber Metal / A.V.C. / PE
Base Material (s) ISO NANO HIGH SPEED RACING GRAPHITE・Structure finish
Made In Japan

An alpine board with the cutting-edge structure that brings out breaking point speed. Crafted with the ultimate shape to execute and finish perfect turns, this board enhances the control limit at high-speeds and already has a high reputation in both races and technical competitions. Featuring a magnesium composite AZ31, which effectively suppresses speed ride vibrations and the ABSORB DECK with effective vibration damping, the technology in this board is unrivaled. Both the hard flex board and the soft flex board have a 20-30% softer flex and torsion which meets the needs of everyday snowboarders seeking an easy-to-maneuver alpine board. The soft flex board is popular as it responds to the needs of riders who wish to ride on plates of their desire. The insert holes on this board allow the option to use the ALLFLEX plate that is often used in races.

Size Length Effective Edge Running Length Nose Length Tail Length Nose Width Waist Width Tail Width Side Curve Stance Width Set Back SOFT FLEX
FT Value
F / T
FT Value
F / T
162 1620 1490 (1490) (90) (40) 253 200 242 11000/12000 440~560 (30BACK) 108 / 95 184 / 116
172 1720 1590 (1590) (90) (40) 243 200 232 16000/17000 440~560 (50BACK) 99 / 90 138 / 90
182 1820 1700 (1700) (80) (40) 244 201 231 19000/20000 440~560 (60BACK) 124 / 95 201 / 104