Australian Open: World Class Support for Yonex Players

Stan Wawrinka (VCORE Tour GSHT-PRO) is through to this year’s Australian Open semifinals, Pierre-Hugues Herbert (VCORE Tour G, YONEX String) is into the men’s doubles final, and Nick Kyrgios (EZONE Ai 98POLYTOUR PRO 120) made an amazing run to the quarterfinals. YONEX is committed to supporting our skilled players in every aspect, and one large way we back them up is through our world-class stringing.

We met up with our stringers at the tournament to receive insights on their craft. Kian Pin Lay from Australia, who has strung at several tournaments around the world, talked tension, “Stringing is about tension. Players like to change their tension, because of the weather and other factors.” Another stringer added, "Everyone has their own way they want to string, using different strings and tensions. Lots of players like to try different tensions before their matches, so they can find the right one." In addition to backing up Team YONEX with high quality service, YONEX's stringers held a seminar at the tournament, imparting their years of stringing knowledge to other stringers.

Find out more about the YONEX Stringing Team at their official website.

YONEX also supports our players with high quality apparel. Stan and Belinda Bencic (EZONE Ai 100POLYTOUR HS 125) compete with the support of YONEX apparel, specially designed to allow them to compete at a high level with maximum comfort. A new site featuring both Stan and Belinda in our new 2015 line of tennis apparel is now live. The site is chock full of photographs and videos, so be sure to check it out!

The site can be found here.