Upgrade Your Comfort and Fit Experience with the New POWER CUSHION 88 DIAL

TOKYO, Japan –Suited for players seeking both adjustable fit and comfort, Yonex's all-around badminton shoes, POWER CUSHION 88 DIAL, are set to receive updates with key technologies aimed at improving fit performance and providing comfortable support. The third generation of these shoes will be released at the end of April 2024.

The new POWER CUSHION 88 DIAL utilizes the single-dial BOA® Fit System, enabling players to make one-handed adjustments at a millimeter level to achieve their desired fit. The lace turnaround point has been increased to facilitate more accurate adjustments, ensuring stability for quick turnarounds and agile footwork. Additionally, the dial placement has been updated and positioned on the instep to prevent interference during cross-stepping.


The latest generation of POWER CUSHION 88 DIAL incorporates an increased area of Durable Skin Light, a thin and durable vacuum-compressed material. When combined with the inner bootie construction, these shoes seamlessly integrate with the foot, offering players a soft and comfortable fit.


The POWER CUSHION+ within the sole component remains a key element, converting each step into energy for the next move. At the bottom of the shoes, Power Graphite Lite is incorporated to create a lightweight experience with improved landing stability, empowering players during their accelerated moves on the court.