Beware of Fake Yonex Social Media Accounts

We would like for our readers and followers on social media to be aware that there are a number of social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms which present themselves as official Yonex accounts while actually being fraudulent.

First and foremost, please find our Social Media Rules of Engagement complete with a full list of our official social media accounts here. Our global subsidiaries and distributors also have their own accounts, and we request that all questions regarding their official accounts be directed to them.

Fraudulent Yonex accounts often have names such as “yonex_official”, “official_yonex” or something of a similar nature. Furthermore, these accounts will usually have a statement in their bio stating that they are an official Yonex account. These accounts are dangerous in that they often post content that goes against Yonex’s stances and values. They are often deleted after a time, but come back with a degree of regularity.

Once again, we ask that our readers and followers please consult this page for the list of official Yonex accounts, and consult with your local Yonex office regarding their official accounts.

Get social with Yonex USA, click here to view our official social media pages.