BWF Dubai World Superseries Finals: Viktor Axelsen Impresses

In men’s singles Viktor Axelsen (ARCSABER 11SHB-87EX) beat Indian player K. Srikanth to secure his place in the semifinal at his first Superseries Finals. The Dane’s sharp and quick play allowed him to maintain a healthy lead for a majority of the match. The winning moment came when Viktor’s intense pressure at the net forced Srikanth to send the shuttle smashing into it, the match closing at 21-13 21-18. Jan O. Jorgensen (VOLTRIC 80 E-tune, SHBSC6iEX) who also won in his day-2 match against Tian Houwei at 21-17, 21-16 cementing his place in the semifinals. The Dane’s advanced experience and proficient handling of the court proved too much for his younger Chinese opponent.

In women’s singles Saina Nehwal (NANORAY 900, SHB87LTD) grabbed a big win against Spain’s Carolina Marin (NANORAY Z-SPEEDSHB-02LX)at 23-21, 9-21, 21-12. Both athletes dazzled on court with their unique brand of fire and tenacity, but it was Saina who prevailed in the end. Although the Indian lost her opening match, she now has a shot at the semis.

In men’s doubles Danish duo Mathias Boe (DUORA 10, New Shoes) and Carsten Mogensen (DUORA 10, New Shoes) endured tough rallies in a see-saw match to eventually defeat Korean pair Kim Gi Jung and Kim Sa Rang at 21-18, 16-21, 21-15. Fellow Danish pair Kamilla Rytter Juhl (NANORAY 900, SHB87LTD) and Christinna Pedersen(NANORAY 800SHB-02LX) secured a comfortable victory over Eefje Muskens and Selena Piek from the Netherlands at 21-15, 21-16.

2015 BWF Dubai World Superseries Finals Results

Men’s Singles Group A

Jan O. Jorgensen (VOLTRIC 80 E-tune, SHBSC6iEX)(DEN) def. Tian Houwei (CHN)  21-17 21-16

Men’s Singles Group B

Viktor Axelsen (ARCSABER 11SHB-87EX)(DEN) def. K. Srikanth (IND) 21-13 21-18

Kento Momota (VOLTRIC Z-FORCE Ⅱ)(JPN) def. Chou Tien Chen (VOLTRIC Z-FORCE, SHB02LTD)(TPE) 21-15 21-19

Women’s Singles Group A

Saina Nehwal (NANORAY 900, SHB87LTD)(IND) def. Carolina Marin (NANORAY Z-SPEEDSHB-02LX)(ESP) 23-21 9-21 21-12

Women’s Singles Group B

Wang Yihan (CHN) def. Ratchanok Intanon (VOLTRIC 70 E-tune, SHB-02LX)(THA) 19-21 21-19 21-11

Men’s Doubles Group A

Lee Yong Dae/Yoo Yeon Seong (KOR) def. Mohammad Ahsan (NANORAY 900, SHB-75EX)/Hendra Setiawan (NANORAY 900, AERUS) (INA) 21-19 21-10

Fu Haifeng/Zhang Nan (CHN) def. Hiroyuki Endo (DUORA 10)/Kenichi Hayakawa (JPN) 21-18 16-21 21-16

Men’s Doubles Group B

Mathias Boe (DUORA 10, New Shoes)/ Carsten Mogensen (DUORA 10, New Shoes)(DEN) def. Kim Gi Jung/Kim Sa Rang (KOR) 21-18 16-21 21-15

Chai Biao/Hong Wei (CHN) def. Mads Pieler Kolding (ARCSABER 11)/Mads Conrad-Petersen (DEN) 15-21 21-13 21-13

Women’s Doubles Group A

Ayaka Takahashi (VOLTRIC 80 E-tune)/Misaki Matsutomo (JPN) def. Chae Yoo Jung/Kim So Yeong (KOR) 19-21 21-11 21-12

Luo Ying/Luo Yu def. Naoko Fukuman (VOLTRIC 80 E-tune)/Kurumi Yonao (ARCSABER 11)(JPN) 21-19 21-18

Women’s Doubles Group B

Kamilla Rytter Juhl (NANORAY 900, SHB87LTD)/Christinna Pedersen(NANORAY 800SHB-02LX)(DEN) def. Eefje Muskens/Selena Piek (NED) 21-15 21-16

Greysia Polii (NANORAY 900SHB-75EX)/Nitya Krishinda Maheswari (NANORAY GlanZSHBF1NMX)(INA) def.  Tian Qing/Zhao Yunlei 21-17 14-21 21-16

Mixed Doubles Group A

Zhang Nan/Zhao Yunlei (CHN) def. Chris Adcock (VOLTRIC Z-FORCE ⅡSHB-02MX)/Gabrielle Adcock (VOLTRIC Z-FORCE ⅡSHB-02LX)(ENG) 21-17 21-18

Mixed Doubles Group B

Ko Sung Hyun/Kim Ha Na (KOR) def. Praveen Jordan (NANORAY 800, SHB87LTD)/Debby Susanto (NANOSPEED 9900,SHB87LTD)(INA) 21-18 14-21 21-19

Liu Cheng/Bao Yixin (CHN) def. Christinna Pedersen (NANORAY 800SHB-02LX)/Joachim Fischer Nielsen (DEN) 17-21 21-17 21-12