DUORA 7: A New Way to Dominate

The newest addition to the DUORA series is here: DUORA 7. This latest entry into the series features the same radical frame design of the original DUORA 10 equipped with a new material to put a fresh angle on your game. The DUORA 7 goes on sale worldwide in mid-March. Full specs can be found here.

Instant Energy Charge: IC Elastomer

Utilizing the DUAL OPTIMUM SYSTEM, a design which places aero-shaped and box-shaped frame structures on opposing sides of the racquet, the DUORA 7 features the all-new IC (Impact Charge) Elastomer material throughout the inside of the frame. This unique material gives players increased shuttle hold which accumulates energy. The result? Fast, offensive clears when hit with the box frame, and increased control on receives when hit with the aero frame.

Get the full picture in the diagrams below.



With the proven performance of the DUAL OPTIMUM SYSTEM and NANOMATRIC DR material combined with the all new IC Elastomer, the DUORA 7 gives players the ability to conquer long rallies and seize victory.