EZONE Tri-G Golf Clubs: Experience Gravity Defying Dominance

Get to know the new EZONE Tri-G series of golf clubs— YONEX’s newest revolution in golf that will give your shots an extra 10 yards.

This new series of clubs features the new Concentric Weight System (CWS) on its drivers and fairway woods. A technology the first of its kind in the world, by arranging weights in a concentric circle pattern around the shaft joint, golfers can precisely adjust their spin rate and launch angle for the best distance. The concentric circle arrangement of the weights ensures consistent feeling when swinging, regardless of the weight setting.

Furthermore, the unique crown construction on the driver head utilizes high-grade HM graphite and NANOMETRIC carbon, giving the head more flex, power and an expanded sweet spot. The shaft also employs HM graphite and NANOMETRIC carbon for a light yet strong build, granting extra power and speed.

The EZONE Tri-G series features new composite irons, which successfully give golfers the power of a muscleback iron with the forgiveness of a wide-soled cavityback club. Its “all sweet spot face” is ultra-thin, and has been enlarged by 15%, giving golfers distance and control even on thin hits. The 3D Sole reduces ground resistance, yet maintains the maximum contact area with the ball regardless of lie.

YONEX golfer Hyo-Joo Kim will use EZONE Tri-G clubs as she takes on the US LPGA tour, so be sure to keep an eye on her as she competes with YONEX's newest evolution in golf.

Fine tune your performance to the next level, and experience gravity defying dominance.

The official site for the EZONE Tri-G can be found at the following address: http://www.yonex.com/golf/ezonetri-g/