EZONE XP IRON Makes 2014 Golf Digest Hot List

YONEX is proud to announce the new EZONE XP IRON has made Golf Digest’s 2014 Hot List. The Hot List, featured in the February edition of Golf Digest, awarded the EZONE XP IRON “2014 Hot List Silver” status in the Super Game-Improvement iron category.

Golf Digest testers gave the XP IRON high marks including four and a half stars out of five for Look/Sound/Feel and four stars for Performance. One medium-handicap tester states, “The sweet spot on this face is huge! I hit all over the face and received solid results.” A high-handicap Hot List tester states, “The look says you’re a better player than you really are.” A hot list judge states, “The counterbalanced approach to iron design is intriguing … ."

The EZONE XP IRON is part of the all-new EZONE XP series. YONEX has taken its expertise in technology to an even higher level with this new series. The EZONE XP range features the revolutionary YONEX Dual Tungsten Power [DTP] System, an innovative engineering breakthrough that produces maximum power and distance. The newly designed DTP System, featuring Tungsten in both the grip and club head, works in conjunction with the Lightweight Shaft. The result is a swing that delivers an explosive power breakthrough with the same effort, adding more yards to your game.

The EZONE XP IRON features the Tungsten Grip with a 4g heavier head and Double Undercut Cavity that increases the size of the sweetspot to maximize power, distance and forgiveness.

Try the EZONE XP line of golf clubs for yourself, and experience the ultimate performance and power of the latest addition to the YONEX EZONE series.