Further Accolades for SHB-02

Team YONEX shuttlers are convinced: Our new SHB-02 badminton shoes really enhance their game. After receiving comments from English shuttlers Chris Adcock (SHB-02MX) and Gabrielle Adcock  (SHB-02LXpreviously about the shoes, we have received more words of praise from our other shuttlers currently competing in the SHB-02.

“They fit snugly,” commented YONEX All England winner Carolina Marin (SHB-02LX), “they’re easy to move around in, and I also really like the design.” The Spanish shuttler’s coach, Fernando Rivas, agrees, applauding the shoes’ great fit, “The shoes fit so well, it’s as if the player’s foot is one with the shoe.” Taiwanese Chou Tien Chen (SHB02LTD) also lauded the shoes’ snug fit and design.

Coming off of their recent partnership with YONEX, members of the Indonesian national team felt the same way about the shoes. Doubles pair Greysia Polii (SHB-02LX) and Nitya Krishinda Maheswari (SHB-02LX) loved how the shoes hugged their feet, and the colourful design. “The shoes are comfy, and offer great stability,” extoled doubles expert Hendra Setiawan (SHB02LTD).

The SHB-02 series of shoes is comprised of the SHB02LTDSHB-02MX and SHB-02LX. Featuring our Flexion Upper asymmetrical upper design and Durable Skin technology, the SHB-02 series keeps one’s feet firmly in the shoe, allowing players to navigate the court with confidence.