Great Impressions for EZONE Xi from USA

We have received many report of YONEXfs new racquet EZONE Xi series since its release. If you want to improve your game or thinking about new racquet, you should read these impressions for your information.

Name: Pete Kelly
Age: 58
Status: Teaching Pro/ USTA To-10 National Ranking Sr. Divisions
Affiliation: Monterey Country Club, Palm Desert CA
Current Racquet: EZONE Team+
Test Racquet: EZONE Xi Lite (String: YONEX Tour Super 850 Pro/ 58 lbs)

Expectations for the racquet being tested: In reading the EZONE Xi leaflet I was excited to test this new racquet. My expectations were that the technology benefits would make this new racquet powerful and comfortable.

Performance on GROUNDSTROKES: The feeling when hitting groundstrokes was very firm and solid. The sweet spot seemed to be large and forgiving. It allowed me to explode on the ball and still control it.

Performance on VOLLEYS: Even though I was used to playing with a slightly longer racquet, the Xi hit firm and I was very surprised at how solid my volleys became.

Performance on SERVES: Once again, despite the lack of extended length I was serving bigger and faster with the new EZONE Xi. My opponents noticed it right away.

Performance on SERVE RETURNS: This racquet gave me more control on my returns and allowed me to really put some power into my shots. I was able to hit with confidencecmore than I have in a long time.

Overall Rating (10 being best): 10

SUMMARY: I have not played with a racquet that felt this good in a long time.

Differences in racquet performance vs. the play-tester's current racquet: A firmer and more powerful feel than my EZONE Team+.

Suggestions/ Recommendations: Please keep this racquet in the line for a long time!

Name: Kathy Emmerson
Age: 51
Status: Senior Player/ Teaching Pro
    *Former Division 1 College Player
    *former high School Head Coach
    *USTA Family Events National Champion
Affiliation: Emmo Tennis @ Lake Murray Tennis Club, San Diego CA
Current Racquet: RQiS 1 Tour XL 100
Test Racquet: EZONE Xi 107 (String: YONEX Tour Super 850/ 55 lbs)

Expectations for the racquet being tested: I play primarily doubles so I was looking for this new racquet to have crisp volleys, supply enough power on serves while allowing for controlled groundstrokes.

Performance on GROUNDSTROKES: The racquet had the perfect amount of power and felt well balanced.

Performance on VOLLEYS: The EZONE Xi 107 was very easy to maneuver. It had a crisp feel and my shots felt effortless.

Performance on SERVES: Good Power. The weight and balance of the racquet allowed for a smooth follow through.

Performance on SERVE RETURNS: The depth of the return was great even with a compact swing on the service return. It made it easy to chip-and-charge.

Overall Rating (10 being best): 9

SUMMARY: I have been waiting for a racquet like this in the YONEX line for some time. The playability is much improved versus the previous EZONE model. It is a very versatile racquet perfect for intermediate and competitive senior players.

Differences in racquet performance vs. the play-tester's current racquet: It definitely has more power. The balance and swingweight fits my game much better. I have more confidence with this racquet.

Suggestions/ Recommendations: No Changes! I love it just the way it is. Great cosmetics too!