Great Week with Titles for Two YONEX Golfers, Hyo-Joo Kim & Sun-Ju Ahn

Coming off of her great win at the USLPGA major Evian Championship, 19-year-old golfer Hyo-Joo Kim achieved another victory at a Korean LPGA major tournament—the Hite Jinro Championship held from October 9th to 12th. This makes it her fifth title of the year. Meanwhile, on the Japan LPGA Tour, fellow Korean Sun-Ju Ahn also claimed her fourth title of the year at the Stanley Ladies Golf Tournament in the same week. Since switching to YONEX clubs and shafts at the beginning of the season, they have been proving their outstanding abilities with nine wins.

Hyo-Joo has performed consistently across several tournaments in spite of her tight tour schedule, and continued to make great strides at the Hite Jinro Championship, capturing the trophy. She is very pleased with YONEX’s club fitting that supports her steady play, "Thanks to YONEX’s optimal and speedy fitting that matches my physical condition, I can always play with confidence even in a high-pressure situation."

Meanwhile, Sun-Ju had been absent for about one month from the Japan tour due to an injury, and it was her third tournament after her recovery. Changing the loft angle of her clubs due to her recent injury, she was able to play again at her full potential. "Due to my injury, YONEX adjusted my clubs so I could play comfortably and with confidence," commented Sun-Ju.

With this recent win Hyo-Joo set a new record, becoming the first golfer in Korean LPGA Tour history to win more than one-billion JPY in prize money during one season. Also, Sun-Ju came back to the top of the Japan LPGA Tour money list, taking the lead in scoring average against the other golfers.

The 2014 season is now reaching its climax, so be sure to watch these players for further achievements along with the YONEX clubs, shafts and fitting support that help them out along the way.

Hyo-Joo & Sun-Ju’s Gear

Club: i-EZONE