Greysia Polii & Nitya Krishinda Maheswari Win First Superseries Title at Korean Open

The Korean Open Superseries came to a close on September 20th in Seoul, with 2014 Asian Games champions Greysia Polii (NANORAY 900, SHB-75EX)/Nitya Krishinda Maheswari (NANORAY GlanZSHBF1NMX) winning their first Superseries title at the tournament.

The Indonesian duo soared through the tournament, securing all but one of their victories in straight games. The two triumphed over higher-seeded Chinese rivals: No. 4 seeds Wang Xiaoli/Yu Yang in the quarterfinal and No. 2 seeds Luo Ying/Luo Yu in the semifinal. The semifinal match was the only one to run for three games, with both duos splitting the first two games at close margins. However, the Indonesian pair managed to outplay their Chinese rivals in the final game, not once being led, closing the match at 21-18 17-21 21-13. In comparison to the nearly 90 minute semifinal, the final felt rather short at 48 minutes. The duo triumphed over Korean pair Chang Ye Na and Lee So Hee at 15-21 18-21.

Chou Tien Chen (VOLTRIC Z-FORCE, SHB02LTD) and Kento Momota (VOLTRIC Z-FORCE IISHB02LTD) placed as semifinalists in men’s singles, as well as Akane Yamaguchi (VOLTRIC 70 E-tune) in women’s singles. Men’s doubles saw Mathias Boe (ARCSABER 11, SHBSC6iEX)/Carsten Mogensen (ARCSABER 11SHB87LTD) also place as semifinalists, along with CChris Adcock (VOLTRIC Z-FORCE ⅡSHB-02MX)/Gabrielle Adcock (VOLTRIC Z-FORCE ⅡSHB-02LX) in mixed doubles.