Hyo-Joo Kim in Japan: Junior Clinic and Her First Look at the YONEX Factory

Currently active on the US LPGA tour, YONEX golfer Hyo-Joo Kim made her way to Japan to pay a visit to the YONEX Country Club and Production Head Office—where YONEX golf clubs are produced—in Niigata prefecture, Japan.

At the YONEX Country Club, Hyo-Joo led a clinic for junior players. Participants expressed nervous excitement receiving up-close and personal instruction from the world-class golfer, who imparted the young players with keen insight in various areas. She offered tips on how to overcome nervousness during a tournament, and also took a wide variety of questions from the enthusiastic participants.

The golfer found herself at YONEX’s Niigata Production Head Office the following day, where she witnessed the very clubs and shafts she uses being manufactured right before her eyes. She also got a look into YONEX’s racquet production as well, and gained a new understanding into YONEX’s advanced carbon-crafting techniques.

“I had a great time at the junior clinic! I had just gotten back from a tournament so I was a little tired, but I had so much fun at the clinic that my energy came rushing back. Also, I finally got to take a look at the YONEX factory for the first time, and was able to see with my own eyes just how carefully each and every club is produced. I was so surprised at the level of detail and care!” commented the awe-struck Hyo-Joo. There is no doubt that she was able to receive a full recharge after hitting with junior players close to her age and making her first factory visit.

Check out the video from her visit below.