Impression for EZONE Xi from East Europe

Name: Gabor Punyi (upper image)
Age: 36
Country: Hungary
Belong to: Top Sport TSE
Racquet: EZONE Xi Lite (Grip Size: G4 )
EZONE Xi 98 (Grip Size: G4 )
String: PTGH125 (Tension: 25kg )
Xi Lite: I think this racquet is very good for under 14 children and amateur players. I can play with comfortable zone every time. This racquet can add power to your arm, so my play is very easier every time. The perfect and power racquet and also, perfect for every coach.
Xi 98: This racquet is very good for professional players. It has a great flexibility and help to save energy. The feeling is very good when you hit serve and attack. It gives me better control than the other racquets.

Name: Michal Tabara (middle image)
Age: 33
Country: Czech
Occupation: Tennis Coach
Status: former ATP ranking #47
Belong to: Agrofert Prostejov
Racquet: EZONE Xi 100
String: PTGP125 (Tension: 24/25kg )
YONEX EZONE Xi 100 is pleasant at first touch, very good feeling. It has a huge power, but accuracy.

Name: Lina Stanciute (bottom image)
Age: 25
Country: Lithuania
Status: WTA ranking #222 (as of April 16th, 2012)
Racquet: EZONE Xi 100
gI like this racquet, it is a good spins and ergonomics.
Racquet is really good and I hope that with time at the prove, since only a short time ago I resumed tennis career and I hope that I can move on YONEX.

Name: Irina Sevcenko - Gudele
Age: 55
Country: Latvia
Status: FED Cup Semifinalist 1978,
World Masters Game Champion 2002; +45
Racquet: EZONE Xi Lite
I love this racquet. I have been coaching children for a long time and I work for many hours, so as a result, my hands get tired. I have a nice feeling with this racquet since the switch.
From the athlete's point of view, I can say that the racquet has good maneuverability and ergonomics.