Impression for EZONE Xi from USA

Name: Steve Krulevitz
Age: 60
Status: Teaching Pro
Affiliation: Cross Keys Tennis Club, Baltimore, MD
Current Racquet: S-FIT 1
Test Racquet: EZONE Xi
String: ATG850P (Tension: 55lbs )

Expectations for the racquet being tested:
No expectations since this is much different than my S-FIT racquet.

Performance on GROUNDSTROKES:
This racquet has excellent power. The ability to hit topspin and since made the control on this racquet the best in years I have seen from YONEX.

Performance on VOLLEYS:
Volleys were clean and comfortable. The EXTRA ISOMETRIC shape of the racquet face definitely enlarges the sweetspot.

Performance on SERVES:
Much more power on both first and second serves with the EZONE Xi models vs. my current S-FIT 1. Serves come off the string bed at a much faster pace.

Performance on SERVE RETURNS:
The wider throat section made it feel a little stiff for me on returns, but I was able to control flat serves and be aggressive on second serves with confidence.

Overall Rating (10 being best ): 9

I tried a couple of different string tensions and found that the performance when string on the higher tension range was best for me.

Difference in racquet performance vs. the play-tester's current racquet:
A firmer and more powerful feel than my EZONE Team+.h

Suggestions/ Recommendations:
I really like the extra power I got from the EZONE Xi vs. S-FIT model. Great, Great racquet!