Impression for VCORE Tour from Canada

YONEX received a report for new tennis racquet VCORE Tour from Canadian players.

They are enjoying aggressive play with the racquet. If you are looking for a new racquet to improve your attacking skill, you should try this one.


Name: Bronwyn Muirhead
Age: 37
Occupation: Customer Relations
Status: Provicial over 35 Champion
Belong to: Vancouver Lawn Tennis and Badminton Club
Racquet: VCORE Tour 97
String: POLYTOUR PRO 130
gFor players with full strokes. It has nice snap with a beautiful contact point and sweet spot.
The racquet penetrates through the shot and allows players to be more aggressive with great control.
I would string this racquet in the mid range of tension."

Name: Simon Larose
Age: 33
Occupation: Tennis Coach
Status: National Canadian Coach
Belong to: Tennis Canada
Racquet: VCORE Tour 97
String: POLYTOUR PRO 125
String Tension: 60 lbs
gI really enjoy this racquet. It responds very well to all shots, whether I am spinning, slicing or coming to the net. A very well balanced racquet. It feels great in your hands and is made for a player that is looking to hit the ball with good acceleration. You also get a lot of power and precision. In my opinion this is a great all around racquet that can do it all. This racquet can be compared to the best of them."