Impression for VCORE Tour from USA

Now YONEX players are playing in US Open. The No. 18 seed Stanislas Wawrinka earned 12 service aces and winners with the VCORE Tour 97 racquet to win the opener in the men's singles. He played solidly enough to show his racquet's performance.
We received many impressions for the VCORE Tour series from USA. They are very specific so that they would be helpful for you to get the further information. Please check the following one.

Name: Diego Marquina
Age: 29
Tennis Bio/Position: Head Tennis Professional at The Oaks at Boca Raton.
Affiliation: YONEX Advisory Staff
Current Racquet: VCORE 95D
Test Racquet: VCORE Tour 97
String/Tension: PTGSPN / 60 lbs

Expectations for the racquet being tested: I knew it was going to be a stiffer and heavier racquet than my VCORE 95D based on the research I had done. And I was really looking forward to finding something a little more stable than the VCORE 98D and the ability to produce more spin than my VCORE 95D. I love the cosmetics and the thinner frame."

Performance on GROUNDSTROKES: The VCORE Tour 97 is a very versatile racquet. I felt like I could control the ball much better on both Forehands and Backhands. I could go from flatter drives, to extremely heavy penetrating shots, to sharp angles without any trouble. This racquet has tremendous maneuverability and allows me to adjust and make changes with little effort. At times it felt similar to the RDiS 100 93" but with more power, Ifm not sure if it was because of the strings and tension. Unlike the VCORE 95D it felt great on my one handed backhand! I could create more topspin on my two handed backhand as well. The racquet weight helps the momentum and timing of my swing helping the acceleration while Ifm hitting and following thru. The density of the frame provides great feel and no vibration."

Performance on VOLLEYS: A lot of stability and control on the volleys. Gives me great touch and a little more power than my VCORE 95D. I particularly like the way it felt on my backhand volley since I tend to take a backswing and a much bigger follow through. I also like the way the weight and density of the frame feels, my volleys fell ore solid and like they have more pop behind it."

Performance on SERVES: The biggest factor on my serve is the weight and density of the frame which definitely helps me accelerate. It feels like it has a fuller/more compact, denser frame and I can strike the ball harder with less effort and without feeling much stress on my shoulder, I didnft feel that with the VCORE 95D. Great for my kick serve. The extra weight also helps a lot when transferring the weight from the legs to the top of the body (kinetic chain). More stability even during slight miss hits."

Performance on SERVE RETURNS: This racquet provides great stability during the returns. I was able to hit better, more solid returns than with the VCORE 95D and control and maneuver the ball much better than the VCORE 98D. Because before the VCORE racquets I used the RDiS 100 93", it took me no time to get used to the weight. The density of the frame really helps you strike the ball cleaner and hit the returns deeper. It also provides tremendous stability and it doesnft twist as much even against hard servers. Fewer vibrations when hitting off center."

Overall Rating (10 being best): 10

Differences in racquet performance vs. the play-testerfs current racquet
Helps my all around game. I have much more control and can create more spin. The weight and density of the frame to me are the biggest factor and game changer on my game. I feel way more confident and way more effective when being aggressive. Great cosmetics. I love the feeling of a solid and stable contact I feel with this racquet. Easy to maneuver and gives me more variety of shots."

Suggestions/Recommendations: A slightly more flexible yet stable frame would appeal to other players. An alternative combination of colors like Blue/White will also be appealing to other players and general public (Just like the shoes and clothes combinations)."