Korean Players Test EZONE Xi with POLYTOUR HS

Name: JinSun Yoo
Age: 49
Occupation: Manager
Status: Former Korea national player/ Won 4 gold medals from 1986 Asian Game.
Belong to: YooJinSun Academy
Racquet: EZONE Xi 98 (String: PTGH125/ 52 lbs)
I feel EZONE Xi 98 is very flexible and has great final speed when the ball is on sweet spot. It is available to have heavy stroke, and ball speed is still great after bounding. However, there is one thing I found that I could not hear clear sound at impact compared with other racquet.

Name: SoonHo Shin
Age: 55
Occupation: Manager
Belong to: Myungji University
Racquet: EZONE Xi 107 (String: PTGH125/ 46 lbs)
I feel EZONE Xi 107 is very flexible and light weight without a vibration so that it gives less heavy feeling at impact. I used PTGH125 and it has given soft feeling at ball impact.

Name: JungSoon Yang
Age: 64
Occupation: Vice chairman
Racquet: EZONE Xi 115 (String: PTGH125/ 52 lbs)
I feel EZONE Xi 115 has soft feeling and great repulsion power at impact. I would like to recommend EZONE Xi 115 to senior player.

Name: JinYoung Choi
Age: 32
Occupation: Coach
Belong to: Yonex Team
Racquet: EZONE Xi 100 Lite (String: PTGH125/ 50 lbs)
I feel EZONE Xi Lite could hit the ball softly due to high flexibility at impact and reduce injury. However, light head leads less power & speed. I strongly recommend this racquet for ladies players & menfs players who are looking for light weight racquets.

Name: KwangHee Lee
Age: 30
Occupation: Coach
Belong to: Yonex Team
Racquet: EZONE Xi 100 (String: PTGH125/ 50 lbs)
I believe this EZONE Xi has great shock absorption and produces powerful shot with soft touch at impact. Thin & thick frame structure makes more power & better control simultaneously. I think EZONE Xi 100 is suitable for middle advanced players.