Lee Chong Wei & Taiwanese Shuttlers Discuss the Sport they Love

Prior to the start of YONEX OPEN CHINESE TAIPEI on July 14th, badminton Legend Lee Chong Wei (VOLTRIC Z-FORCE II LCWSHB01LTD) sat down with Taiwanese shuttlers Chou Tien Chen (VOLTRIC 70 E-tune, SHB02LTD) and Tsai Chia Hsin (ARCSABER 11) for a discussion panel to express their thoughts on their beloved game.

2011 BWF World Championships silver medallist Cheng Shao Chieh acted as MC while the three players covered a variety of topics. The talk opened with the trio expanding upon what the true joy of badminton is from both singles and doubles perspectives. The three shuttlers then spoke of their first impressions of each other, Tien Chen specifically speaking of the first time he played against Chong Wei. They then went into the certain lessons they want young players to take to heart. Other topics included the current rise of Taiwanese players like Chia Hsin and Tien Chen, who stand at World No. 7 in doubles and World No. 8 in singles respectively, as well as the Olympic race.

Specifically, both Chong Wei and Chia Hsin mentioned that the first racquet they ever used was a YONEX racquet, and how it left a deep impression on them from a young age. They both went on to praise the efforts of the YONEX Stringing Team for their diligence in stringing racquets perfectly for all players, regardless of what racquet they use. The two Taiwanese shuttlers also touched upon one key aspect of Chong Wei’s game: Never giving up, something has brought him his many auspicious titles.

The talk ended with a message from the three shuttlers to young fans: Going pro means thinking like a pro. If one maintains a pro mind-set, anyone can get there.