Malaysia Open Superseries Premier 2015: Team NANORAY Wins in Women’s Singles and Men’s Doubles

Sunday, April 5th saw victories for Team NANORAY at the Malaysia Open, held between March 31st and April 5th. World No. 2 Carolina Marin (NANORAY Z-SPEEDSHB-02LX) took the women’s singles crown in the second Superseries Premier of the year, following up on her fine win at the YONEX All England Open. In men’s doubles, the Indonesian pair of Mohammad Ahsan (NANORAY 900SHB87LTD) and Hendra Setiawan (NANORAY 900, SHBF1NLTD) pulled off a skilful victory over the World No.1 pair.

The women’s singles final put world champion Carolina up against China’s Li Xuerui. In game 1, Carolina vigorously attempted to grab the lead over her opponent at a 10-16 deficit, but it was Xuerui that narrowly took the opener by 21-19. Game 2 also saw Xuerui strike first blood, but Carolina swiftly took control, commencing her campaign of forceful offence with a resounding smash, never looking back from there. Where Xuerui tried to even the score, Carolina struck back with unpredictable attacks. Never once being lead after the opening point, Carolina forced the match into a decider. Opening game 3 with a heated skirmish, Xuerui took the lead at 14-9. However, Carolina retaliated with fierce speed and power, landing eight consecutive points to turn it around at 17-14. The Spaniard would continue to rack up points, coming out victorious at 21-17. Boasting strong composure in both body and mind, Xuerui was unable to match Carolina’s agile play. The title went to Carolina, with a final score of 19-21, 21-19, 21-17.

In men’s doubles, Mohammad and Hendra went up against All England champions Mathias Boe (ARCSABER 11, SHBSC6iEX) and Carsten Mogensen (ARCSABER 11SHB87LTD) in the semifinal. The match proved to be a close call for both pairs, but it was the Indonesian pair that earned a ticket to the final after taking firm control over a tough final game. The duo proceeded to meet World No. 1 Korean pair Lee Yong Dae/Yoo Yeon Seong in the final match. Despite dropping game 1 at 14-21, the duo came back strong in the second. With light, difficult-to-read hits, Hendra left his opponents with little answers. Competently commanding the speed and tempo of the match, Hendra pierced the Korean duo’s iron defence—the pride of their game—leaving them little time to react. With a keen eye on their opponents’ movements, Mohammad also loaded pressure upon the World No.1 pair with his offense. As the match moved into the decider, the Indonesians grasped match point, only to have the Korean pair strike back with five consecutive shots, bringing the score up to 20-21. Not to be outdone, the Indonesians grabbed three consecutive points, winning at 23-21. The NANORAY duo seized the match with a final score of 14-21, 21-15, 23-21.

In men’s singles, Lin Dan (VOLTRIC Z-FORCE Ⅱ) met up with Jan O. Jorgensen (VOLTRIC 80 E-tune, SHBSC6iEX) the semifinal. The two badminton powerhouses pushed the match into a third game; Lin Dan scoring 7 points in a row against an 11-15 deficit, eventually taking the match and making his way to the final. Meeting up with fellow countryman Chen Long in the final, Lin Dan won the first game, but was unable to take game 2 or 3, placing as the men’s singles finalist.

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Malaysia Open Superseries Premier Tournament Results

Women’s Singles

[6] Carolina Marin (NANORAY Z-SPEEDSHB-02LX)(ESP) def. [1] Li Xuerui (CHN) 19-21 21-19 21-17

Men’s Singles

[1] Chen Long (CHN) def. [5] Lin Dan (VOLTRIC Z-FORCE Ⅱ)(CHN) 20-22 21-13 21-11

Men’s Doubles

[4] Mohammad Ahsan (NANORAY 900SHB87LTD) and Hendra Setiawan (NANORAY 900, SHBF1NLTD)(INA)  def.  [1] Lee Yong Dae/Yoo Yeon Seong (KOR) 14-21 21-15 23-21