Mamat is ready for The Open Championship

The Open Championship is held from July 19th to 22nd. Two YONEX players Mardan Mamat and Ryo Ishikawa will play in the oldest and greatest tournament. It's the third time for Mardan and fourth for Ryo to play in The Open. In 2012, Mardan has won the title of ICTSI Philippine Open and Ryo has become the runner-up in Puerto Rico Open.

We interviewed Mardan about his ambition for The Open and asked about his impression of YONEX products when he visited YONEX Tokyo in May.

Mardan talked, "Of course, I always try to play the best tournaments as much as possible. You know The Open is one of the biggest tournament in the golf history. I'm very looking forward to playing the tournament."

He thinks that there are 2 important factors, which are countermeasures against wind and to adapt to the character of The Open course. It's pretty windy in Scotland, so Mardan will try to keep the ball lower and know what to do on every shot.

According to Mardan, REXIS NP Shaft gives players more ball distances and they feel as if they can hit the ball 10 to 15 yards longer than before. He uses EZONE with the mid kick point type of the shaft and talked, 'I tried the new YONEX shaft and liked it so much, because I feel that the ball flight is more positive, much longer and isnft floated by the wind. Besides I feel comfortable with less vibrations. Thanks to the shaft, I can hit a more straight, more powerful shot."

Ryo Ishikawa will start in group 19 at 9:53 today, and Mardan Mamat will start in group 24 at 10:48.

Mardan Mamat's Gear
Driver: EZONE Type 380
Iron: EZONE Forged MB Iron
Wedge: EZONE Wedge 52‹, 58‹
Shaft: REXIS NP M series

Ryo Ishikawa's Gear
Driver: EZONE Type 380
Wood: EZONE Type St
Iron: EZONE Forged MB Iron