Meet the YONEX Stringing Team

It is our great pleasure to announce a new website devoted to the YONEX Stringing Team. Take a look by clicking on the link below!

The YONEX Stringing Team is a diverse group of individuals from several different countries and backgrounds, with years of stringing experience under their belts. Endowed with some of the best skills in the business, these stringers devote themselves to stringing racquets to fit players’ needs perfectly.

A tight-knit group of people, the stringing team is committed to delivering consistent, high-quality work. With their expansive knowledge, they can effectively recommend users what’s best for them, and bring out the racquet’s best abilities. Carrying out stringing at major tournaments, their work allows players to compete at the top of their game.

In addition to the website, we plan to release a mini-booklet in the near future covering the activities of YONEX’s stringing service, as well as profiles of the YONEX Stringing Team members.