N1-MB Forged Irons Receive Hot List Japan Gold Medal

Award season continues, with Yonex N1-MB Forged Irons receiving the Hot List Japan Gold Medal on Golf Digest Online. Produced in Yonex’s domestic Japanese factory, the N1-MB offers exceptional shot control and consistent spin. EZONE XPG Fairway Woods received the American Golf Digest Hot List silver medal earlier this year.

Golf Digest Online’s Hot List Japan evaluates golf clubs sold in Japan, tested by a panel of 35 pros and amateurs. Testing requirements and methods are determined by Golf Digest Online judges, with places on the list determined by a point system. Gold and silver medals are awarded to various clubs in each of the following categories: drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters. The N1-MB was the only muscleback for advanced players to receive a Gold in the iron category.

Testers had very positive feedback for the N1-MB. “For a muscleback it delivers great distance, and cuts down on miss-hits. Contrary to its appearance, it has the forgiveness of a cavity iron. If you can handle it, these irons hit very well,” commented one tester.

“This is a very cool iron. Despite being made for advanced players, it’s quite easy to use. For a muscleback, it’s very good at picking up the ball. It has something of an unconventional feeling, but its softness is very good,” mentioned another.