New YONEX Clothing Site Featuring Stan and Belinda

YONEX is kicking off 2015 with a robust line of new tennis clothing, complete with an all new live website.

The site can be found here:

Modeling the clothes on the website are none other than Swiss tennis sensations Stan Wawrinka (VCORE Tour GSHT-PRO) and Belinda Bencic (EZONE Ai 100POLYTOUR HS 125). The site is packed with photos of Stan and Belinda posing stylishly in YONEX’s new 2015 tournament style of tennis apparel, and also decorated with videos from their photo sessions.

YONEX’s new clothes don’t just look good, but they also make sure players experience the utmost of comfort. Several YONEX shirts are fitted with VERYCOOL TM  technology—powered by Xylitol, VERYCOOL absorbs sweat, allowing players to compete at a high level of comfort. As a result, one’s body temperature is reduced by 3°C. In addition, a number of our new shirts are fitted with our Stretch Micro Smooth and Power Sleeve features. Clothing made with Stretch Micro Smooth provides players with an exceedingly comfortable fit, allowing for smoother movement. Shirts with Power Sleeve grant players an enhanced range of movement—up from 120° to 165°—allowing for a significantly more free range of movement to compliment aggressive play.

In order to understand the profound effects of VERYCOOL’s Xylitol, we had both Stan and Belinda take our VERYCOOL test. Take a look at the videos below to see their reactions to YONEX’s unique technology.

Click here to watch Belinda Bencic Takes the VERYCOOL Test

Click here to watch Stan Wawrinka Takes the VERYCOOL Test