POLYTOUR AIR: New Powerful Arm-Friendly Polyester String

The highly popular POLYTOUR series of tennis strings will see a new addition to its lineup in late September with the new Yonex POLYTOUR AIR. The POLYTOUR series is trusted by Yonex pro players such Nick Kyrgios and Naomi Osaka for its keen combo of power and durability, with this new string offering support for players who require a more arm-friendly polyester string.

Players who snap strings frequently prefer polyester strings for their robust durability. However, due the hard feel of conventional polyester strings, there are a number of players who experience stress and fatigue on their arm when hitting the ball. The new POLYTOUR AIR solves this problem by offering players an arm-friendly string with a super plush feeling. POLYTOUR AIR features the all-new “HR-Elastomer” material, which retains the strong repulsion power and durability of traditional poly strings while reducing stress on players with a light, soft feeling upon impact.

The POLYTOUR AIR is the perfect string for players who desire easy access to power with minimized shock.


We tested the softness of the new HR-Elastomer material in the POLYTOUR AIR against a conventional polyester string by bending one of each. While the conventional polyester remained bent, HR-Elastomer returned to its original state.

conventional polyester


Furthermore, as indicated in the graphs below, the POLYTOUR AIR cuts down on shock by 20% and sees flex increased by 1% compared to the conventional model.

Shock (Down by 20%)


Flex (Up by 1%)