POLYTOUR PRO 125 Voted 2014’s “Poly of the Year” on Stringforum.net

YONEX’s POLYTOUR PRO 125 has been voted as 2014’s “Poly of the Year” on tennis string community Stringforum.net. It was also selected as the No. 1 poly string in the category of comfort both on the site’s English version and its German version, SaitenForum.de.

The POLYTOUR PRO 125 received high praise for its fine control and feel, and was also selected as Poly of the Year back in 2012 on SaitenForum.de. In addition, the POLYTOUR SPIN ranked highly in a number of areas, including spin and control on both English and German sites.

A well-known website—especially amongst German stringers—Stringforum.net holds a fine reputation, boasting a wealth of string information from all brands, and acts as a space where users can share and exchange string info. This year, votes were gathered from a pool of 178 people on the English site and 129 on the German site.

Take a look at the full rankings from the English site and the German site.

Martina Hingis (EZONE Ai 100POLYTOUR PRO 125SHT-PRO) uses the POLYTOUR PRO 125, and recently won the mixed doubles title at the Australian Open this past week. Borna Coric’s (VCORE Tour F), winner of 2014’s ATP Star of Tomorrow Award, uses the POLYTOUR SPIN. The Croatian teenager made it to the semifinals of 2014’s Swiss Indoors Basel, defeating Rafael Nadal in straight-sets en route using the string.