Revolutionary Dual Tungsten Power [DTP] System delivers ultimate power output.

The new EZONE XP range features the YONEX Dual Tungsten Power [DTP] System - an innovative engineering breakthrough that produces maximum power and distance. The newly designed DTP System, featuring Tungsten in both the grip and club head, works in conjunction with the Lightweight Shaft.

The result: a swing that delivers an explosive power breakthrough using the same effort, adding more yards to your game.

To see the new EZONE XP clubs up close and personal, visit the EZONE XP club page here.

EZONE XP Technology

Carbon Composite Crown
The Carbon Composite Crown is ultra-light to enable both an 8g Tungsten screw and additional 8g weight to be positioned deeper in the club head. The centre of gravity has been suitably altered to promote a high launch trajectory and extra forgiveness for greater driving distance.

Carbon Composite Crown - Small

Sound Rib Design
Newly designed Sound Rib and stiff sole reduces vibration and creates a solid sound off the club face.

Sound Rib Design - small

Lightweight Shaft [EX300]
The lightweight and counterbalanced shaft works in conjunction with the Dual Tungsten Power [DTP] System and has been engineered to generate higher swing speeds for added power off the tee.

Lightweight Shaft [EX300] - Small

Tungsten Grip
The composite 20g Tungsten Powder at the grip end works in conjunction with the Tungsten screw in the club head to produce an explosive power breakthrough. The Dual Tungsten Power [DTP] System and Lightweight Shaft counterbalances to retain a D2 swing balance, making it just as easy to hit as a conventional driver but with more power.

Tungsten Grip - Small

Quick Adjust System
Custom tune your EZONE XP using the new YONEX Quick Adjust System. The Quick Adjust System allows you to refine the loft angle from ±1.5° and club face angle through 8 settings for the ideal launch trajectory. Available on the EZONE XP Driver, Fairway Woods and Hybrids, you now have the adjustability to conquer even the most demanding holes on the course.

Quick Adjust System