Recommendations from the Pros: The YONEX Stringing Team’s Favorite Strings

We’re sure that tennis enthusiasts around the world have already gotten in a good number of matches in the first month of the year, but how about putting a new spin on your hobby? How about a restring to your racquet to close off January? Perhaps you haven’t restrung your racquet in so long that you racquet isn’t performing to its best.

For those of you wishing to take your hobby to the next level, take a look at this list of recommended strings from the ranks of our pro stringers.

Julian Li

Stringer: Julian Li

Recommended String: TOUR SUPER 850 PRO

Comment: “The YONEX TOUR SUPER 850 PRO is recommended for people just starting out. It has great power and great feel, especially for ladies and kids.”

Shinji Nakamura

Stringer: Nakamura Shinji

Recommended String: POLYTOUR SPIN

Comment: “The POLYTOUR SPIN has a distinctive pentagonal shape which allows players to easily put spin on the ball. I recommend it for aggressive players who want to hit with a lot of spin.”

Mark Maslowski

Stringer: Mark Maslowski

Recommended String: POLYTOUR PRO 125

Comment: The POLYTOUR PRO 125 is one the best soft polys on the market today. It’s used by Nick Kyrgios to relieve strain on his arm. We use it for most of our tournament players and club matches.

Kian Pin Lay

Stringer: Kian Pin Lay

Recommended String: POLYTOUR SPIN G 125

Comment: The POLYTOUR SPIN G 125 is made with Silicone oil Infused Filament. It gives you greater spin and is good for players with heavy top spin.