SERVE IT UP: VCORE Tour F Microsite Goes Live

The website for our new VCORE Tour F is now live! Click here to check it out.

Featuring new Aero Fin Technology—a unique frame construction that equips fins at the frame head—VCORE Tour F increases serve speed by 6%. Experience YONEX’s newest innovation in tennis, and quickly dominate points with huge serves and crushing shots. In addition, a new 16 x 21 string pattern offers improved power and better control.

The new site also features brand new videos with the racquet. Take a look in the links below.

Last year’s recipient of the ATP Star of Tomorrow award, Borna Coric, made his debut with the new VCORE Tour F at this year’s Australian Open.

“I wanted more speed on my groundstrokes and serves because I like to play very defensive. The extra edge I get from the speed allows me to be more confident on important shots where I get uneasy. This was a perfect fit for me and I’m very happy with this racquet”, commented Borna, praising the new racquet.